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Journal for 28 February 2006


It’s early Tuesday afternoon, and I’m still in my pajamas. I’m working from home today, which isn’t really as pleasant an idea as it may sound, and am taking a break for lunch, which today consists of chicken rice soup and pita bread left over from the housewarming party on Saturday.

The housewarming went really well. We had a good crowd with friends from both near and far. Robin and Andy came up from Madison, and, in a complete surprise, Sarah and Don showed up from Chicago. Sarah’s arrival was surprsing for a couple of reasons: She hadn’t planned on coming, and, well, none of us knew Don existed. (Don may also have been old enough to have parented some of the attendees, but no one really talked about that. Well, they didn’t until after Sarah and Don left, anyway.)

I should get photos up in a day or so, but in the meantime, you can can take advantage of the fact that Jenn has posted some of her photos up on Flickr before I’ve even bothered to download mine off my camera.

Back to work. More later.

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  1. Where are those house warming photos you promised us?

    Comment by House Warming — 20060312 - Sunday @ 10:03 pm

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