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Journal for 23 May 2007


Despite the baby not being due until June 20th, Lisa’s doctor appointment this morning revealed she’s already dilated 1.5cm. This doesn’t mean the baby is about to be on his way–Lisa’s doctor told her she could still go well past the due date–but frankly I’d much rather this was happening a week from now, after our move.

The condo is a disaster, with boxes and bags all over the place. I get the rental truck for the small stuff on Sunday, and the movers will be here for the big stuff on Tuesday. We don’t actually get to move into our new place until June 1st–they’re renovating the kitchen and bathroom and expect the work to go right up to the 1st–so Lisa and I will be camping at a hotel in Eagan for a few days. At least we can dump our belongings in the front rooms so we won’t have to pay for storage. That would suck.

It was my goal to get the nursery all set up before the baby arrives, but we’ll be OK if it’s not finished. We purchased a bassinet off craigslist and plan on keeping the kid in our room with us for at least the first few weeks, so we won’t need the nursery right away.  Still, I’d rather not have to work on that kind of stuff while Lisa and I are figuring out how to care for the new little life we’re responsible for. Of bigger concern is the cat, who’s taken a keen interest in the bassinet. I have a pretty solid feline mitigation plan for the crib, but the bassinet, well, not so much.

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I still haven’t finished up my application to St. Thomas. Talk about doing everything at once.

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