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Journal for 10 October 2008


Lisa has a theory that I’ve outgrown my blog, but I don’t really think that’s the case. Instead, there’s the simple fact I’ve been incredibly busy, and much of the time in the past I would’ve spent online I now spend studying or playing with our rambunctious toddler or simply vegging out. The irony is there’s hardly been a time I’ve had so much to write about… And yet so little time to actually write it.

The 800-pound gorilla in my life these days, the gorilla I’m going to try not to write much about as it isn’t really all that interesting, is my Data Analysis and Statistics for Managers course at the U. The professor is solid and I seem to have a good group of folks on my project team, but the subject matter is often just a bit beyond me. The interest (and even excitement) I felt with my strategic management, operations and venturing courses is not in the least bit present here, and, worse, I’ve learned very little that I can apply to my day-to-day work. (That’s a bit odd as I spend much of my regular workday dealing with reports and interpreting data.) My financial accounting class, which was not enjoyable for me at all, at least gave me some knowledge I could do something with.

My stats midterm was last night. I think I did OK, but of course won’t know until next week. My second class of the semester, Information Technology & Solutions, begins in a few weeks, and for what are likely obvious reasons I’m not expecting much of a problem with it. Regardless, I’m looking forward to my current class being over.

You know what I’m looking forward to tonight? Sleep. More later.

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