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Items Noted Elsewhere


Following the trend of people I know getting blogs, Sarah has set up a blog on MySpace. (And if her second entry is any indication, it’s going to be interesting.)

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Journal for 29 January 2006


Well, it was kind of an off weekend. Gray skies, lots of rain, and scuttled plans to visit friends and family in Madison. Unfortunately, the next few weekends don’t look all that spectacular, as I expect to find myself busy with my job at least three of the next four Saturdays. This weekend wasn’t a complete wash, though: I was finally able to organize the basement storage locker, and hook up the DVD player and surround sound. (We haven’t had a working DVD or CD player since we left the old apartment in September of last year.) We had a good dinner at Quang on Saturday, and resolved some bills and other items earlier in the day. And, hey, the rain did a good job of cleaning all the road salt off my car.

Rain in January. Fuck.

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Blog Implementation Notes


I’m starting to wonder why I thought it was a good idea to move to a CMS in the first place. WordPress’ interface sucks enough that it actually takes me longer to write through the application than it would for me to just jot something down in HTML.

Don’t get me started on the templates, either. (Yes, the design is messed up. It’s a work in progress.)

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Journal for January 26th, 2006


Few things can cause me to lose interest in a walk faster than 40-degree rain in January. Ugh.

~ ~ ~

I’ve been in kind of a writing funk lately. Not sure why that is, nor how to get out of it.

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Journal for January 19th, 2006


I found myself stuck in a Coen brothers movie this evening. Specifically, Fargo, only without the kidnapping, killing and woodchippers. Instead, there was an exceedingly isolated exurb, copious amounts of pasty white skin, a number of well-educated but happily-boring Minnesota collegiate types, and plenty of bland, tan-colored food. Oh, and people sitting at a huge table, eating that food with no conversation whatsoever.

I’m not sure I can write much more without being mean to good-natured people who really don’t deserve it, but I can say it feels good to be back in the comforting embrace of the big city.

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Journal for January 17th, 2006


You know what I noticed? I don’t like writing titles for my entries.

~ ~ ~

So Lisa named her pig. The new resident has been dubbed Sigrid, which according to Lisa means “victorious” in Norwegian. (Did I mention the new pig has been acting like a punk? She has.) The naming apparently wasn’t a big deal for Lisa: She awoke in the middle of the night with it in her head, and it stuck. I didn’t have any good ideas, but one of Lisa’s friends came up with a catastrophically bad one: Elsie. I don’t know what it is, but names ending with “ie” just rub me the wrong way. Maybe they’re too countryish. As in, “Elsie, break out them doilies! We got ourselves company comin’ over.” I mean, ouch.

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A Long Weekend, Reviewed in Brief


Well, it was a long and busy extended weekend. Lisa was down in Madison visiting her folks, which I took as an opportunity to completely clean and organize the apartment. This included unpacking the boxes and crap piled on the dining room table and built-in, disassembling our temporary steel-pole “bookshelf” and replacing it with a spiffy low bookshelf from Elements, hanging as much art on the walls as possible, and recycling the Christmas tree at NRG in Minneapolis (home, incidentally, to the biggest pile of recyclables I’ve ever seen). That may not sound like much, but I took down the tree Friday night and didn’t finish cleaning until 20 or so minutes before Lisa came home Monday evening.

I also had the vacuum cleaner start on fire, which was kind of annoying. (It took me almost a half hour to get he smell of burning plastic out of the condo.) Strangely enough, it wasn’t the first time I’ve had something like that happen. Maybe I’m just destined to hire help at some point. Or die in a catastrophic vacuum cleaner explosion. Who knows?

The condo feels more livable now, and more like home. We can walk from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom without having to navigate around piles, and it’s the first time since we left the apartment in September that I can say something like that. Heck, all we’d need to do is get a large plasma television and we’d be able to use our unit as a model for the other condos for sale here.

Well, maybe not. But I’d like to think so.

Anyway, one of the fun things about the weekend is I didn’t tell Lisa what I was doing. She expected me to take down the tree, but wasn’t expecting me to finish moving us in. As the weekend progressed I told her I left the tree up because the recycling place was closed for the weekend, that we wouldn’t be able to pick up the bookshelf from the warehouse until Wednesday, and that I’d decided to clean my desk only to have it explode papers all over the living room. None of that was true, of course, but I felt OK misleading her a bit as the reality of the weekend would become self-evident the moment she walked in the front door. (I like to think of that as “delayed truth.”) Besides, it’s easier to impress someone when you artificially lower their expectations beforehand.

I also bought her a new guinea pig, something I’d intended to do for Christmas before weather and schedules intervened.

Lisa’s general reaction to the condo and the pig could be described as “positive,” but any more detail in that area would be running the risk of traumatizing friends and coworkers who read this page.

Happy Tuesday. More later.

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Five Minute Install, Two Week Setup


And we’re back. is kind of back up, although the blog is going to look odd and lack archives for the time being. WordPress on Dreamhost was an absolute snap to set up, but modifying the templates has forced me to start learning PHP. It’s kind of frustrating, but it’s been a while since I learned a new online gaming Web technology, so what the heck.

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Expect occasional freak-outs of the site while I play with templates. For the time being, the exceedingly dusty album and resume sections can serve as reminders of what once was.

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Hello world!


Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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