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Journal for 24 May 2009


I thought school being out for summer would mean some spare time for me to get some writing done, get some backlogged India photos up on Flickr, and make some progress on the hundreds of little projects I have going on at once.  So far, not much luck.

We’re in Madison, staying a dog-free hotel while visiting friends and family during the day.  (The hotel is cheap and doesn’t have wifi, so who knows when this will be up.)  The need for the hotel was brought on by Mathias’ allergies, which, now that we know what they are, are bringing a range of unpleasant changes to the Danielson household.  For one, there are the morning and evening allergy-related nebulizer treatments we have to give Mathias.  For two, well, we have to get rid of the resident feline, as well as both of Lisa’s guinea pigs.  We’ve found a good home for the pigs, but for a range of reasons I’m not going to expand upon here, we’re trying to keep Putter close to home in Minneapolis.  I’m working on a couple of leads, but the search for a new home for the kitty is complicated by the fact that he’s a fairly senior cat, and has a track record of not playing well with other members of his species.


Hopefully I’ll have an update on the cat in the next few weeks.  We don’t have a deadline to get him out of the house, but the earlier the better.

~ ~ ~

Beyond that, May has been busy.  My first business trip to India for the most part went very well, and my project there seems to have gotten off to a great start.  I’ll be heading back in late June for my second work-related visit, and may be headeded back once again in late Q3.

Back at home, the next few months are looking pretty booked.  We’ll be heading to Green Bay the weekend of June 13th to visit some friends and take Mathias to the “Day Out With Thomas” tour, and the following week my mom will be up for Mathias’ birthday.  (I leave for India the day after his birthday, Father’s Day.)  I’ll be hitting my 15-year high school reunion in July–don’t ask me why, I’m not sure I know–and sometime in the next few months we hope to take Mathias camping, and, well, take a few weekends off.

Well, Lisa sounds like she’s getting done with the shower, and Mathias is acting psychotic in the way only a two-year-old can–he’s in a big walking-around-the-hotel mode today–so I should go.  Up today: Visiting with Robin and Andy, and hitting some crazy brat festival a few miles from our hotel. Also, later tonight: Brisket hamburgers. (Today is sponsored by meat.) More later.

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