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Journal for 24 October 2006


Yeah, I know I’m on sabbatical and everything, but I’m on a business trip in California, and a pretty productive one at that, so I thought I’d check in. I’ve had a lot of good food over the past few days, which is kind of my employer’s way of saying “thank you for letting us own your every living breath for 72 hours.” Or something like that.

I love the seasons, and would never want to live somewhere without a winter, but I can see how weather like this could become addictive. It’s 10:40 local time, and a comfortable 65 degrees.


So, this would usually be the point at which I’d say there’s not much else going on, but of course that isn’t true. Lisa and I just had our one month anniversary, and on top of that, well, there will have to be a bunch of entries some other time.

More later, maybe next year, maybe earlier.

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Lisa and I got married last week. As it happens, we’re both rather pleased with that.


Photos will be up on Flickr in a week or so.

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