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So, I’d like to take a brief moment to shake this blog out of it’s Data Analysis & Statistics for Managers-induced slumber to note that I also have a blog over on Tumblr.

Of all days, today seemed like an appropriate day to point that out.

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Good Morning


The new 35W bridge, four hours before opening.

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Items Noted Elsewhere: 9/11 Edition

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Journal for 2 September 2008


And so Tuesday brings us back to reality. It’ll be a short week, but a busy one, with my stats class starting on Thursday, the first meeting with my India-bound class on Friday, and a bus trip to Door County on Saturday.  On top of that, there’s the continuous battle to not go all day-trader on news on the RNC.  There’s also the urge to actually go over to St. Paul, of course, but my dear wife would go postal on me if I did that.

Note to Levi Johnston: Marriage involves compromises. Get ready, bucko.

~ ~ ~

The Labor Day weekend was interesting. On Saturday we headed over to St. Paul to check out the convention prep, and on Sunday we joined a the throngs watching the Liberty Parade in downtown Minneapolis.  Labor day brought some laboring around the apartment, which was moderately successful aside from my spectacularly failed attempt at rehanging my clothing rack.  Turns out my stud finder wasn’t finding studs as much as thicker points in the plaster. So, yeah, that turned out poorly.

~ ~ ~

One baby update: On Saturday morning, Lisa walked into his room and found him standing on the side of his crib, quite pleased with himself.  To our knowledge, this marks the first time Mathias has stood up without adult assistance.  He seems to be getting close to figuring out the entire balance thing, too, so Lisa and I are quietly awaiting the little man to go through a mobility upgrade.  He seemed close once before, but then he figured out the crawling thing and got sidetracked.

And with that, I have work to do. More later.

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QuoteBook, RNC Edition


Lisa, on local convention viewership:

“All the other homes on the street are watching the convention, too. Except for the ones across the street. They’re watching COPS.”

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