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SXSW: Almost Here


With everything going on the past few days, it wasn’t until a coworker reminded me this morning that I realized that SXSW starts next week. Holy crap. So much for going in prepared.

~ ~ ~

I am never taking two full-credit courses at the same time again. Never.

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English Question


Okay, so I know it “a hyperactive baby” is correct, and “an occasionally delightful” is correct, but what do I do when I throw in parentheses? Should it be “a (occasionally) hyperactive” or “an (occasionally) hyperactive?”

Where’s my AP Stylebook? Right, at work. Fuck. (And why is it still there? It’s been well over five years since I had any role managing content.)

~ ~ ~

You know, Google sucks for this kind of question.

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Journal for 26 Feb 2008: Sick Day


Long day today.  I found myself at home taking care of a sick spouse and a (occasionally delightful) hyperactive baby.  Beyond that, not much.  This post is as much an excuse to take a break from studying as anything else.

Unexciting life = Unexciting blog, I guess.

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BabyLog for 21 Feb 2008: Rollover


I got a call from Lisa that Mathias rolled over on his own this morning.  While he’d managed to roll over a number of times before, those cases had all been on soft surfaces or inclines, both asterisk-producing qualifiers worthy of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.  This morning was on a hard surface, his play mat, meaning he finally found a way to not get stuck on the arm he was trying to cross over.

Typical of Danielson, he decided to do it by himself with no one else around.  I of course was at work, but Lisa didn’t see it happen, either.  She’d walked out of the living room for a few moments to take care of something, and when she returned Mathias was laying on his stomach with his head up in observation.

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Journal for 20 Feb


Well, there’s good news and bad news on my first accounting midterm.  The good news is I got an 87%, which is a pretty strong B, but the bad news is I kept myself from getting an A by a couple incredibly boneheaded mistakes, such as neglecting to put the year in the the title of an income statement.  That’s kind of like writing a pretty strong term paper, and then getting knocked down to a grade due to forgetting to put the date and class on the cover sheet.  Argh.

The other area I got hit was with a written question that I thought was a trick question, but… wasn’t.  My journalism and English backgrounds may have left me a bit exposed in that case, as I tend to treat much of what I read with a continuous suspicion:  This is what so-and-so seems to be writing, but what is the hidden subtext?  Then again, this is accounting we’re talking about, not a study of Faulkner or O’Connor (thank god), so I should probably try to relax a bit.

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Journal for 19 Feb 2007: On Wisconsin


In a way it’ll be nice to see the end of Wisconsin primary coverage, so the national media can stop portraying the state as being filled with backwater, blue-color hicks with no education.

Hey, assholes, ever hear of the Wisconsin Idea?  How about the third-largest Hmong population in the United States?

Fuckers.  And, while we’re at it, god forbid we have a state that actually works for a living.

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Items Noted Elsewhere: Health Care Edition

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Journal for 18 Feb 2007


Well, Wisconsin, let’s see what you’re going to do.

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Journal for 17 Feb 2007: 2/3 of a Three Day Weekend


Not a particularly productive weekend so far. I was able to take a couple of days off from studying, and am now having trouble getting back into it. I shouldn’t have stopped, I guess. Beyond that, we had lunch at Quang on Saturday, which was a nice, and walked a couple of times at the mega mall, as we’re parents and that’s what we do.

The mall was kind of weird this weekend with the Knit-Out and Crochet 2008 going on. The crowd it attracted was an odd mix of hipsters, hicks, grandmas, soccer moms and vagrants, all apparently looking to score free yarn and pattern ideas. I’m not sure what other subjects could bring such people together, but it would be interesting to find out.

Beyond that, not much. Lisa and I had a brief conflagration after she found out I’d previously favorited a few cupcake photos on Flickr (I got the “you’re one of them” speech), but it passed quickly enough as we set about looking at pictures of pigs. (Here’s one that looks like a Brillo Pad.)

I have off on Monday. Yay for working in service of the legal industry.

More later.

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Journal for 14 Feb 2007: Operating at 30%


I had an embarrassingly absent-minded day today. This morning at work I actually managed to forget that someone on my team had recently married, and this evening managed to mix up the days of the month Mathias was born and Lisa and I were married. I also momentarily spaced on my own birthday, although that last one I was able to figure out.

I blame excessive studying for crowding everything else out of my brain. The lack of sleep this week probably didn’t help much, either.

~ ~ ~

Regarding my accounting midterm, I think I may have actually done OK, although there were a few questions that gave me a lot of trouble. I should know in about a week.

~ ~ ~

Also noted: Don’t get Lisa started on cupcakes.

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