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Journal for 12 Sep 2010: One Year and Counting


I’m sitting, surrounded by homework, in a hotel room in Door County, so I guess it must be September.  We’re on our yearly trip here–this is a family tradition I inherited when Lisa and I got married–and I’m one week into what I hope will be my last year at Carlson.  I’m trying to enjoy both the trip and my second-to-final semester, but the fact they’re starting at the same time kind of works against that goal.  Granted, I actually like the subject matter of my courses this year, and they’re heavy on reading and writing, which typically makes things easier for me, but the sheer level of work I’m facing is daunting.

This is what a typical Wednesday will look like for me for  the next 14 weeks:

  • 6:40: Get up.
  • 7:15: Depart for work
  • 8:00: Traffic willing, arrive at my desk.
  • 4:45: Depart for the U
  • 5:45: Start class
  • 9:05: Depart class
  • 9:30: Arrive home, say hi to the dear wife
  • 10:00: Weather permitting, go out for a quick walk or run
  • 10:45: Prep for my evening meeting with India
  • 11:00: Meeting with India
  • 12:30: Brief, fleeting moment of free time
  • 1:00: Sleep

Unfortunately, for most of the fall, I will have a class on either Tuesday or Thursday as well, meaning I’ll be going two days without seeing Mathias.  I really didn’t want to take classes on sequential days, but this late in the program, fewer remaining electives means less control over one’s schedule.  This schedule also puts a lot of pressure on Lisa, of course, but the only other option would be for me to extend my program past next spring, and I can safely say neither of us wants that.

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