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Journal for 21 Nov 2010


Tomorrow I get my free turkey at work.  Weather permitting, Lisa and my parents will be arriving on Wednesday, and on Thursday we’ll be hosting our first Thanksgiving in Minneapolis.

It seemed like a good idea when we planned it, and it still is, but Lisa and I have been down with really bad chest colds for almost three weeks now–Lisa actually got pneumonia–and Mathias has been sick on and off as well.  (He’s been fine for the past two weeks, but as of today has a fever and diarrhea.  And Diarrhea with toddlers is awesome.)  So, life has been beating us up a lot lately.  In the grand scheme of things we’re still doing OK–at least none of us have landed in the hospital–but it would be nice for us to have all three family members healthy for a few weeks.

If bad things come in threes, I’m due to have someone spill something on me.  Last week I had just finished pouring myself some boiling-hot tea in the company break room when a coworker swung around into me, sending the tea all over my left hand, resulting in some first-degree burns that took the better part of a week to heal.  (At least we have a nurse on-site.)  On Friday, a server at The Tea House dropped a bottle of Asahi on the back of my chair, where I had conveniently hung my freshly-dry-cleaned winter coat.  Maybe I should just avoid anything related to the word “tea” for the next few weeks.

I tried to explain to Lisa how the scalding tea incident was actually kind of funny–I had a bad cough, which caused me to pick tea over coffee, which resulted in my hand getting burned–the thing that was supposed to help me hurt me, it’s irony!–but she didn’t see the humor in it.

Since I’m talking about physical pain, I have really interesting bruise patterns on my arms right now. We had a huge ice storm last night, so I went outside to see how slippery it was, and found the answer by sliding down 10 concrete steps onto our back driveway.  A neighbor who was heading out at the same time watched the whole incident and decided she’d use the front stairway instead.

Well, it looks like we have a sick toddler to put down for the night. More later.

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