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System Note


WordPress is out of date. My installation has problems. I’m worried that I’ll lose what I write here, so I guess I’ll have to make manual backups for now.

You go to blog with the installation of WordPress you have, not the one you want.

And I need to write today.

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Free Domains! Get Your Free Domains Here!


I have a number of Twin Cities-related domain names that I’m looking to transfer to someone else. I am willing to transfer them for free–the recipient will have to pay for the renewal cost, of course–under the conditions that the recipient will do something interesting with them.

For me to transfer the domains, I will need to know what that “interesting” thing is, and, well, find it interesting. The domains:

  • (the “dash of shame” is included for free)

For what I hope would be obvious reasons, I’d prefer not to break up the above group of domains. Once upon a time I had planned on doing something similar to Hiawatha Avenue for all of them (no, that’s not my site), but I let life get in the way and it’s pretty clear I’m never going to have time for that. (I’ve had some of the domains for over a decade. Yikes.)

I am also planning on getting rid of the following domains, and will let them expire if no one expresses any interest.  If you want any of them, let me know and I’ll transfer them for free.


Those last two were registered during W’s first term.  Go figure.

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Service Outage


Well, life is generally kicking my ass these days, so I’m going to take some time off from this blog…  And anything else nonessential.  I hope to resurface mid-April.

Happy spring.

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Service Notice, Presented by Comcast


This exceedingly rare work-based post is to note that Lisa and I do not have Internet access at home right now. (There are plenty of wireless networks available in our apartment, but our neighbors, upstanding citizens all, have them locked down for private use.) Hopefully we’ll be back online next week.

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Comment Spam Sucks


My comment spam filter crapped out at about the same time I got linked from a number of sites for some of my SXSW note posts, and as a result my comment spam has quickly become unmanageable.  Today I got 803 spam submissions, the worst day I’ve had so far.  I quickly scanned them to see if there was anything legitimate, but who knows if I missed anything between the “value information” about gay fantasy art or info about sexy teen virgins.  If I don’t get the filter fixed soon, I may just have to turn off comments altogether.

I guess it may finally be time for that WordPress upgrade I’ve been thinking about…

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On Sabbatical


Taking the rest of the year off. See you in 2007.

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Pigcam Lives!


Pigcam has returned at

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Flickr Problems in Montreal


Well, maybe I won’t be posting photos to Flickr from the road after all. Due to an Uploader bug, the only way I can seem to get photos to Flickr is to upload them manually through the web interface. Since I’m on vacation, and since using the web interface takes a lot of time, I’m not going to post any photos until I get back to Minneapolis.

And with that, we’re off to see Old Montreal. More later.

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Blog Implementation Notes


I’m starting to wonder why I thought it was a good idea to move to a CMS in the first place. WordPress’ interface sucks enough that it actually takes me longer to write through the application than it would for me to just jot something down in HTML.

Don’t get me started on the templates, either. (Yes, the design is messed up. It’s a work in progress.)

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Five Minute Install, Two Week Setup


And we’re back. is kind of back up, although the blog is going to look odd and lack archives for the time being. WordPress on Dreamhost was an absolute snap to set up, but modifying the templates has forced me to start learning PHP. It’s kind of frustrating, but it’s been a while since I learned a new online gaming Web technology, so what the heck.

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Expect occasional freak-outs of the site while I play with templates. For the time being, the exceedingly dusty album and resume sections can serve as reminders of what once was.

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