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Journal for 13 February 2006


Yesterday’s entry elicited a decidedly grade-school response, not the kind I would’ve expected. When I wrote that I went through quite a tuna phase a few years back, that was meant to be taken literally, with no euphemism intended. I hated fish growing up — maybe I was the victim of one too many bad Friday fish fries at Northeastern Wisconsin bars — and didn’t really start eating fish of my own free will until my later college years. Since then I’ve mostly gone through phases with fish. For a while I mostly liked trout and different kinds of sunfish, but not much else. Then I went through a tuna phase, and am currently in more of a salmon phase.



“Ooh, the Björk Family Tree box set.”

Lisa made a face.

“What? You have to love Bjork!”


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  1. Go through a tilapia phase. It’s the best.

    Comment by Martine — 20060226 - Sunday @ 8:45 am

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