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Journal for 16 Mar 2008: Back to Normal


Well, I’m finally getting back to normal after SXSW.  There’s still a stack of people to contact, photos to upload, and a report out to do at work, but other than that, the concerns are the familiar:   Baby, schoolwork and workwork.

In other news, I missed my baby’s first two teeth.  They arrived while I was in Austin.

In other baby news, he apparently loves techno.  Or, at least, he loved techno at Urban Outfitters today.

Yes, we still shop at Urban Outfitters.  No, we’re not 12.

Not much else to report.   I’m still coughing.

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  1. Love the frame!

    Comment by L — 20080317 - Monday @ 6:56 am

  2. I never see anything bout Mike here.

    How’s he doing?

    Dave CT

    Comment by David Rinaldi — 20080328 - Friday @ 10:58 pm

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