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SXSW Interactive 2012


This is just a short note to say howdy to those fine folks I’ve met over the past few days at SXSW.  This site isn’t dead, it’s just hibernating until I get some WordPress issues figured out.

SXSW Interactive is crazy big compared the last time I was here, but I quickly found that there’s still a small, intimate conference hiding within the larger one.  Many of the best panels and side conversations I had were with small groups, and with a few exceptions I was able to ignore the insanity around the convention center.  While the content wasn’t always as fresh as I would have liked, discussions around archiving and curating the Web, using the Web for civic good, and creating the future of journalism were important and worth having.  While I completely understand why many of those I met in years past in Austin feel the conference is too big and no longer worth it, I’m pretty sure I’ll do what I can to be back next year.  SXSW is now wearing a suit, but it still has a subversive, anarchistic streak to it, and I love it for it.

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